23 Dec 2021

Expropriation near Bor: Land Deforested Without Permission, Zijin Builds Mine There

Pera Stanimirović had a forest and some land in the village of Krivelj, near Bor. In March 2019, he found…
21 Dec 2021

Our Diabetin tea can replace tablets or insulin instantly, but that is not recommended, rather treatment should be reduced slowly. This is how Diabetin, an alleged antidiabetic tea, was recommended to a CINS journalist in a telephone conversation. What was not said is that there is no cure for diabetes and that suddenly stopping treatment can seriously jeopardize a person’s already diminished health.

16 Dec 2021

To avoid paying taxes, company managers use various tricks – among other, they do not issue fiscal receipts to buyers or do not pay contributions for their employees. Their tax evasion often amounts to millions, but even when the authorities catch them “with their hand in the cookie jar,” they pass with minor penalties. Most are handed down a suspended prison sentence, while the amount of tax debt the authorities have managed to collect remains unknown.